Ram is the source of all excellence

Acharya Prashant
2 min readAug 5, 2020

It is not only about how good you are in the temple. So, Ram obviously is the boss of the temple. And you also reluctantly agree that you cannot be good, without Ram at your home. So, Ram was the boss at the temple, Ram was the dictator at the house. And I am bringing you more bad news, Ram has infiltrated your office also. Without Ram you cannot excel even at your workplace. Too bad. Now where will you go?

Without Ram, you look like a fool in the temple.

Without Ram, you get so much suffering in your house.

Without Ram, you can’t excel on the sports field.

Without Ram, you can’t accomplish anything in your laboratory.

And without Ram, you cannot even make a good power point presentation to your client.

You have no place to hide now. Run for cover, you won’t get any.

It’s not merely a rhetoric, please understand.

When stand in front of a client and make an important presentation, what is it that makes you go weak in the knees? Expectations, greed. And there is only one solution to greed — Ram.

You try to feel like a champion, but in front of your boss you discover that you have feet of clay. The champion comes crumbling down. Ram and Ram alone can be the strength in your feet.

Without Ram you can’t do anything nicely.

You can’t fly a jet properly, you can’t sweep the floor properly. You can’t be a good Prime Minister. You can’t be a good anything. Ram is inevitable. To the ego, Ram is a necessary evil.

Ram is not out-of-date.

Ram did not die in Ayodhya. We come and die, Ram doesn’t. Without Him you can’t even move your feet properly. And if you can’t move even your feet properly, just acknowledge that you are a brat trying to rebel against His father, Ram.

Ram is the source of all excellence.

All excellence.

Kabir’s excellence, Krishna’s excellence, the excellence of an astronaut, the excellence of a deep-sea diver, the excellence of a tailor, the excellence of a swimmer, the excellence of a professional, whatever.

If you don’t have excellence in what you do, it is because you have been disloyal to Ram.

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