Rebel against all that is false

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJun 17, 2020

When you know that now you cannot bow down to the false, then you have surrendered to the Truth.

And only when you have surrendered to the Truth, you will get the courage to not to prostrate in front of the false.

But if you keep prostrating in front of all the shops, then how will you ever bow to the Holy? How?

Spirituality is Surrender.

But before surrender, it is rebellion.

Rebel against all that is false. Rebel against all that is material but claims to be spiritual.

When you have rebelled against the false, that is surrender to the Truth.

Do not allow your mind to be colonized. Enquire, ask questions. Faith is not blind belief. Faith is not following the crowd. God does not live in a special place. You will not meet God in some heaven in future. Enlightenment will not come. These are there. And only these are there. Why are you trying?

I might have said something which may cause momentary disappointment to you, especially if you have invested a lot in your travels and your beliefs. The hurt that is being caused is intentional. I am speaking as a friend. Nothing must be beyond your questioning, nothing, nothing at all.

Do not take anything to be so sacred that you cannot enquire. Enquire like a child. Enquire without inhibitions. Enquire without already declaring that this is Holy or pious. Ask — “Why must this be so?”

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