Running away from relationship?

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJan 10, 2020

Nobody should be in the impression that spirituality is about the valor of chopping off relationships. It is not. It is not because you cannot do that. To be related is the body’s nature, body’s prakriti, and to be related is your own bodily nature.

Why do you want to progress spiritually? Because you do not like to suffer, and that is compassion towards oneself. So compassion is the foundation. The same compassion you need to have towards others as well.

To help someone progress is one thing, and in the process of progress, there can be a lot of hardships that come to the other person. In the process of progress, it might be required that you strictly discipline the other person, that is one thing, and it is a totally different thing to give up on the other person.

But we deal in extremes. When we are attached to people, then we pamper them. And when we feel that something lucrative has come to our lives, enlightenment, or spiritual achievement, something of that cadre, then we say, “O! that person which we were sticking to since so long is now a burden. Just dump her!”

You must not dump, because you cannot dump.

Resize, rescale, adjust, reform, but your intention must always be to bring welfare to the other.

If the previous mode of relating was unhealthy, toxic, then you come to a different mode of relating, a different kind of relationship, but you cannot suspend, or revoke the relationship.

So be responsible and reform the relationship. The reform can be drastic. And it may involve, a lot of discipline, a lot of pain, a lot of tears, that is all right. But reform the relationship. It is inhuman to dump someone.

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