Satisfaction Is In Future, Contentment Is Your Nature

Acharya Prashant
3 min readSep 18, 2019

We never run behind contentment. We run behind another thing called ‘satisfaction.’

Contentment is not a goal to be achieved. Contentment is right now.

Contentment is our intrinsic fullness which opens up in the absence of any desire. When there is no desire, then you know everything is alright! That is contentment. That is intrinsic fullness, you don’t run after it to get it.

But yes there is another word. You know the dictionary would say these two are synonymous contentment and satisfaction. But in lives, these two are poles apart. Very-very different. We run after satisfaction. What do we say?

We say that if we get that then we will be satisfied. That which you are after is always ahead. Always in future.

Do you ever say that in this moment if I get something I will be satisfied? Because if you say this moment, then by the time you say this moment this has already become a time. Become past. So, defacto you are always aspiring about the future. A hope into the future. If I get that then.

The disease is right now. But the stupid mind it says, “The cure is in the future.” Fact of the matter is if the disease is right now. There must be a cure right now. How can the unhappiness of today be cured by the happiness of tomorrow?