Sensitivity is not about being easily hurt by the world

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJul 28, 2020

To be affected by the world or hurt by the world is not sensitivity. It is just a more moral and acceptable form of ego.

Sensitivity is not about being easily hurt or offended by the world. Sensitivity, rather, is about being very sensitive, to messages from There.

You have to be sensitive to That, not to this. To this, you must have a steadied apathy. To this, you must have a considered detachment. To this you must have a loving aloneness.

Sensitivity must exist with respect to That. Well, if I’m fully aligned to That, I feel alright and the moment there is even a little misalignment, I start feeling jittery. This is sensitivity. This is true sensitivity. You must be as sensitive to That as a fish is sensitive to the ocean. As long as the fish is in the ocean, it’s Christmas and the moment the fish is brought out of the water, what happens to it? This is sensitivity.

But what are we rather sensitive to?

Somebody comes and says a bad thing about us, and we feel impacted. This is not sensitivity. This is merely ego hurting.

And the ego is very easily offended. That’s the definition of the ego. It is fragile because it is based on the opinions of others, because it is based on imported stuff. So, it has no inherent strength. Very easily, cracks open up.

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