Spirituality is not de-linking yourself from the world

Acharya Prashant
4 min readMay 3, 2020

Following in an excerpt from a newspaper article published in a leading Indian newspaper.

Those who are free of the world, are free to relate with the world in a healthy way, and those who are dominated by the world, have no real relationship with the world.

Given that all our relationships seem to be arising purely out of a sense of imagined need, is it possible to have any other kind of relationship?

Given what we are, we would probably, quickly, want to say, “No, if I do not need the other, why would the other have a place in my life?” Because that is what we see all around.

“The other has to serve some utility; he has to provide me financial security or physical pleasure, or has to be related to me by way of memory. And if neither of these are applicable, then why at all would I bother to have a relationship?”

Yes, you are right. Our relationships are just a bother. If the things that I mentioned do not hold, then you would not bother to have a relationship, then you would not really be constrained by your relationship.

It is possible to relate without having the need to relate. It is possible to have a totally purposeless and aimless relationship.