Stop trying to improve yourself

Acharya Prashant
2 min readMay 24, 2020

Behind this intention to improve yourself lies the assumption that ‘you are responsible for your own betterment’. Now please don’t say, sometimes one does harm to himself, sometimes one does good to himself. All of that is in retrospect.

Really, at any moment, one is only doing what he or she thinks is good for himself/herself. And this search for goodness, for something else, leads us to just one place, which is ‘full of even more search’.

The assumption that the mind carries is, “I know.” Now, “I know” is alright when it comes to small and limited things, closed systems; things that have at least a dotted boundary. But “I know” is not at all applicable when you are dealing with something as immense, as life itself.

“I know” is not at all applicable when you are dealing with fundamentals, with love, with living, with grace, with innocence, with creation.

Tell me, are you not sure that you won’t be doing the same things again, in another name.

You hobble to the left, you hobble to the right, has the hobbling changed? A drunkard drives up the road, then he takes a U-turn and drives down the road. Have the chances of an accident, reduced? But you ask the drunkard and he would say, “Now I am correcting myself, now I am reversing my direction. When I was driving up the road, then I was driving reckless I would meet accidents, now I am driving down the road.” Will that help? What befits the drunkard?

Leave the steering, get down, stop trying to be in control. In fact the drunkenness and the desire to hold the steering, are one and the same. This is something very important, please understand this.

We all are well-meaning people. In our own eyes, to the extent our consciousness allows, we all desire good to ourselves. Don’t we? Anybody who deliberately wants misery, suffering, pain? Yet you see that the world is full of these. Yet you see that life has become synonymous with these.

Now, why does that happen?

Because it is ‘we’ who decide. ‘We’ decide that pleasure is important, and ‘we’ decide on the methods to get that pleasure. ‘We’ decide what is right for us and then we also chart the course. Does this not astound you?

There is no body in this world who wants anything except pleasure, and yet this world is mired in pain. Do you see this? Does that not suggest something to you?

Look at that again.

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