Superficial confidence may be hiding suicidal tendencies

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJun 14, 2020

An ordinary looking man, a very ordinary looking man is walking with a very glamorous woman and what would onlookers say? Hey! lucky chap. Do you really think, he is lucky? Really think so? But then that’s it. Big prize! Baboon has his grapes.

What do you know? And we have role-models. We want to become like somebody. ‘Sir, he lives in a house which has thirty-five stories. Sir, he has a private helipad in his house.’ Do you really know his life? Do you really know what he goes through?

Don’t you read all these news, articles, some high flying executive with all the money that a man can aspire for commit suicide? And that is happening daily.

And why a man must commit suicide? I am not saying only the rich commit suicide, but then when you look at his Life, superficially, from outside, and just the actions, he would appear the most confident man on the earth. All the benediction is showering on him and you feel, ‘Wow! this is the life to live. Wish I were in his place.’

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