Supporting others: a holy scandal

Acharya Prashant
3 min readMar 16, 2020

What is it that others want support for? And yes everybody does want support but to what end? What is it that others want in life? And hence what is it that they are seeking support for? What is it that most people want? Living as per their littleness. That’s the desire. Give me a cozy cocooned comfortable life in which I can securely pass away my sixty-eighty years without being disturbed by reality.

Towards this objective they want support. How is support a holy grail then?
What do you mean by supporting other? Providing them with crutches?

The greatest support which you can offer to others is your own excellence. Greatest support you can offer to others is your own love and passion and determination and creativity and freedom. Must you work for others or you demonstrate it to them that it is possible for one to work for himself?

Most people who say that they are supporting others actually turn the ones being supported into cripples. First of all you are supporting them in just the wrong endeavour, in the wrong dimension. How about supporting a thief in his midnight burglary adventures? That too is support.

Why do you call a theft a theft when he is taking away something from others? Is it not theft, when you take away your greatest possibility and potential from oneself? Is it not theft? Are we not criminals against ourselves first of all? If I deprive you of what you deserve, you say it is theft. If I take something away from you, you say it is theft. What when I take away something from myself? What If I deprive myself from something which I truly deserve to be and have? Is that not theft?

You talk of supporting others in such a pious tone as if supporting others is the center of all spirituality. Go support a thief I say. If you truly must support a thief, how must you support? By demonstrating to him that it is not necessary to be a thief. The thief must be having his own internal logic. At some point he would have convinced himself being a thief is alright. The thief too has his own arguments. You have to demonstrate to the thief that it is not necessary to be a thief. That’s how you support him. Or do you support him by taking the dog out for a walk while the thief breaks in. Is that how to support a thief? But such are our inner…