Teach the kids that they are not just Prakriti

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJul 11, 2020

On World Population day, following is an excerpt from a samvaad (dialogue) session with Acharya Prashant, addressing the issue of population explosion.

If you really want to educate kids, educate kids of this generation and not the coming generation and educate kids of this generation not to have kids.

Do not talk the language of the old and deeply conditioned grandmother whose deepest wish is that the tribe keeps growing. If you have followed me to this point, you should also be able to see the shape that the right education for today’s generation should take.

If you look at rabbits, they are merely Prakriti. So, they are conditioned to procreate.

If we want this generation to not to procreate what must be taught to them? That you are not just ‘prakriti.’ This is the education that you need to disseminate.

Rabbits will reproduce because they are just prakriti and that’s what prakriti wants. More copies of the rabbit DNA. Because more copies mean more chances of survival. It is like taking a back up of a hard disk. It is like if there are two copies, the chances of survival are double. One copy might get lost, then the other copy survives. And that’s why rabbits procreate so copiously, so frequently because they are small and defenseless. They know that a lot of their baby rabbits will die. So, a lot of them are born so that at least a few survive and thereby the specie continues to just exist. Existence is all that prakriti wants.

Teach the kids that they are not just Prakriti. Teach the boys and teach the girls. Teach them that they don’t exist to dance to the tunes of the body and the brain.

Teach them that they are not chemicals to react to other chemicals called “hormones”.

Unless you teach them this beyond-ness, every successive generation will be heavier, bulkier, more numerous, and more ignorant than the preceding one.

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