That which you do to solve your problem becomes the problem

Acharya Prashant
2 min readMay 22, 2020

That which we want to do in order to solve our problems, only feeds our problems.

My request is, for a moment stop resisting your problems.

Let them come, let them go. As you are sitting here, a few cars have passed by, a few bicyclists passed by, do you really say let them come, let them go? Do you say that? It happens and you have nothing to do with that, you have nothing to do with it. Or would you sit here and shout out to every cyclist, “You may go, you may come.” It’s his thing to come and go. Your thing is something else. Do you see this?

He will come and go even without your interference. By engaging yourself with him, you are only unnecessarily draining yourself out. You do what you must do, let him do what he must do. What is yours is yours and what is mine is mine. And you need not say even this much because even to say this much you must first take cognizance of the other. Even if you say to the bicyclist, ‘I am not going to stop you!’, still, it means that the cyclist has made an impact on your consciousness, otherwise, why would you say anything to him, otherwise why would even the slightest thought arise?

And taking the bicycle picture forward,

Thoughts are so much like a bicycle; unless they move, they fall down.

Yes. They can’t stand still, just like a bicycle, they must move. And no bicycle moves with its own energy. You are the one who keeps paddling it, only then it seems to move, only then it has a certain momentum. Otherwise, you stop and the bicycle falls. Are you interested in stopping? Have you had enough of it?

Are you not tired of all this movement, all this coming, going, of this incessant clutter, chatter, all this total disorder and chaos? Are we not just through with it and fed up? Do we still have hope that can give something to us?

Obviously, yes. Otherwise, why would we still be nourishing it? Otherwise, why would we still ask for methods and ways? We still believe that it may yield result someday.

Now tell me, why are we flogging the dead horse?

Why do we expect it to suddenly get up and start running?

It won’t.

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