The Body Knows Its Food

Acharya Prashant
2 min readSep 19, 2019

The question is, does poor food habit become an obstacle in the path of liberation?

In general, you eat badly, only when food starts becoming meaningful to you.

The body knows it’s food. Does it not?

Do you have to teach the cow to take grass, and not flesh? Do you see any animal species, that needs to be tutored on the topic of food? Monkeys, mosquitoes, they all know the kind of food that is right for them. Why does this question become pertinent for ‘man’? Because man identifies himself with, just about everything.

Man is different from mosquitoes, in the sense, that man has more heightened desire for liberation.

So he searches for liberation, everywhere. Even in paani-puri, he searches for — liberation. In titillation of taste buds, he assumes liberation.

If paani-puri becomes liberation for you, then your kidney will complain. So, rather than regulating your food habits, you should rather ask the question: Who am I? Once you know, that you are the one who can never be satisfied through paani-puri, you will lose all fascination for paani-puri. You don’t need to be tutored on what to eat, and what not to eat. All that is largely useless.

Why do you get attracted to mithai, or pizza? Because of desire.

And desire is really for? Liberation.

And that has to be realised. “That that which I really want, will not come to me, through mithai.” And then mithai will lose its charm.

But if instant gratification is demanded, then you have to remember, at that moment. One has to be constantly reminded. That is why ‘ing’ is needed. You will have to create mechanisms, that will keep constantly reminding you.

Have somebody by your side, who shouts into your ears, right when you are about to pop in the next puri. This is not That. That’s the mantra that you need. What?

This is not That.

So, you will just spoil the body, and get nothing in return.

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