The common man is always willing to be deceived

Acharya Prashant
1 min readMay 23, 2020

The one we call as the ‘common man’ is so willing to be deceived. In fact it is damn easy to deceive him, and extremely difficult to not to deceive him.

If you want to cheat somebody, it is so easy, because the person himself will help you in cheating him.

But if you want to liberate somebody, it is extremely difficult, because the person himself will kill you if you want to liberate him.

That’s the story of Jesus. And it is repeated always, and always, and always. That’s why it is such a captivating story. You want to cheat them, they’ll say, “Yes! Yes! We are prepared. When and where do you want to fleece us?”

You’ll say, “No! No! You have the capacity for Truth, you must have Love. You do not need supports, you can fly free.” They’ll say, “What the hell are you talking? You are a dangerous man!”

“Where are the butchers? Call the hangman.”

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