Acharya Prashant
5 min readFeb 24, 2020



People often wonder about the effect of spirituality upon married life. Often it happens that one partner in a marriage starts moving deeper into spirituality, and this causes anxiety in the other partner. So how far do a normal marriage and Spirituality go together?

Spirituality is a movement into the unseen depths of one’s own mind. It helps one discover a lot about oneself and the world, and you change for the better.

That which used to frighten you, does not appear so very frightening. That which would easily disturb you, appears a bit childish now. The tendency to lose equilibrium reduces; you do not easily go off-centre. And even if you do, you return comparatively sooner. An urge to explore new things and life in its fullness, arises.

And there are many other changes.

Sometimes even your language change. Sometimes even before you can realise that there is a change, outsiders begin telling you that there is a change. And I have often seen that upon spiritual advancement, even one’s face and eyes do not remain what they used to be. And as you soak in those changes, your appetite to revel in them further increases. That’s all very auspicious! But these changes in one partner in the marriage can temporarily create a psychological distance from the other partner.