The real meaning of Vipassana

Acharya Prashant
3 min readMar 21, 2020

What you call as meditation does not help, what you call as God does not help, what you call as religion does not help. Meditation helps, God helps, religion helps, but God is not what you think God to be, meditation is not what you call as meditation and religion is not what you have ideated it as.

Whenever you say meditation, you are so badly conditioned now, you start thinking of a man, sitting in some pose with eyes closed and trying to be silent.

Meditation is about opening your eyes, not closing your eyes.

Whenever you see a man, meditating with eyes closed, rest assured that he is fooling himself. If you cannot meditate with your eyes open, how will you live in this world? With eyes closed? Whenever a life situation will confront you, what will you do? Will you close your eyes? Meditate with eyes open, meditate when you are driving, meditate when you are eating, meditate when you are talking, that is real meditation.

The right action, the right center of operation, that is meditation.

Lord Buddha is saying watch your breath. He says watch everything that is in motion. One must have the intelligence to decipher the code.