The Relationship of the Healthy Being is Love

Acharya Prashant
5 min readSep 19, 2019

It’s so simple that you’ll be disappointed actually. It is not jazzy to hear or glamorous to look at.

Love is a relationship.

A healthy relationship is Love.

Any healthy relationship is Love, and a healthy relationship is possible only when you are healthy.

So, the relationships of a healthy being are called Love. The definition is so simple. You don’t find anything very embellished about it.

What is healthy being?

A healthy being is one who is not restless, who is not continuously suffering, whose mind is not continuously wandering in tension, in misery.

When you are settled within and you have a sureness within, then in all your relationships, this sureness, this power, this peace, this completeness shows. What I have that reflects in all my relationships. If I’m healthy then that health shines in all my relationships. That health is called Love.

Only a healthy mind can enter into a friendship.

The question is, how can we become healthy? What are the ways in which we can have healthy mind?

Do you know what does this question imply? I want to become healthy. Are you sure the question is valid? I deeply wish that you say that the question is invalid.

You are saying I want to become healthy without quite realizing what the question implies. Alright, you go to a doctor and you say doctor I want to become healthy. What does that imply? That you are sick. I deeply wish you say, the question is invalid. Because you are not sick, none of you are sick. All of you are already healthy. It’s just that we have been made to believe in a thousand things that amount to sickness but in spite of our beliefs, we are still healthy.

You don’t need to become healthy, you are healthy.

An effort at becoming something implies the absence of that. Don’t you see that? If I want to get something what does that imply? I don’t have it. If I want to become healthy, I’m trying to say I’m sick and you cannot be sick because sickness is nobody’s nature. We are healthy, just that the health can be obfuscated, covered by a thousand many things. They are just loose layers of…