The secret of the Disciple and the Master

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJun 28, 2020

This mind is the disciple; only the disciple can be talked about.

The destination is the Teacher.

The Teacher cannot be the subject of any discussion.

And if you feel too curious and want to talk about the teacher, you must only talk in negativa. You must take care to keep denying whatever the mind is trying to affirm.

The mind will try to say, “This is what the teacher is like, this is what the teacher must be like…” The role of the real disciple is to keep saying, “No!”

Not only must it say, “No” when the mind is coming up with so-called negative images, it must also say, “No” when the mind is coming up with bountiful praise for the Teacher because even in praising the teacher the mind has stealthily measured the teacher.

The mind has said, “I know who you are, I have measured you and said that you are great.” In calling somebody great, you have at least taken this much credit for yourself that you know he is great and that he confirms to your definitions of greatness.

Nothing actually can be said about the teacher.

The teacher is nothing, nobody. Had the teacher been somebody, then the teacher would have been conceivable.

Had the teacher been somebody, then the mind could have thought of the teacher, gone to the teacher, planned how to get a teacher.

In that case, the mind would have become its own teacher. And there can be nothing more arrogant and egoistic than that.

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