The Spiritual Man Is An Intense Actor

Acharya Prashant
3 min readOct 9, 2019

A ‘Spiritual man’, cannot be a saint, who does nothing but eats all day, and keeps getting fat. And then every day in the morning, he lectures for two hours.

A ‘Spiritual man’, is an intense actor.

He does not live as somebody, who has nothing to do with worldly concerns.

Kindly get rid of the image of the saint. In fact, if you come across any such person, who does nothing, except lecturing, and is getting fat, out of lecturing too much, then avoid him.

The ‘Spiritual man’ is a warrior.

He is one, who belongs to this world.

He is one who partakes in the concerns of this world.

He lives life fully.

It is not that he has shed all experience. In fact, he has become more open and sensitive to experience — this happiness, this sadness, this pleasure and pain.

He is the man of the earth.

You will not find him on some great throne, somewhere. He must be someone, who moves through the streets — a commoner. He is not a general who hides in the castle. He is a foot soldier, out there on the battlefield.

Are you getting it?

Truth is not about renouncing the world of something. The man of Truth, I repeat, is a