There is no justification for the wrong choice

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJun 14, 2020

Everything that you call as being behind the choice is just a rationalisation, a justification for the choice.

There is nothing behind the choice.

There is just the choice.

If you say, “I chose the wrong path because of X,Y,Z,” then X,Y,Z is not real, it is just a rationalization. Forget X,Y,Z, all that matters is that you chose the wrong path. It’s a choice.

Are you getting it?

No situation is too bad to make a Right Choice in.

And no situation is so good that you no more need the Right Choice.

And the wrong choice — it can be made any time.

In good situation, in bad situation, in apparently easy situations, in apparently tough situations, anything can happen anytime, it’s a matter of your choice.

Which means that you have great power, you are tremendously powerful.

You can choose the ‘Right’ irrespective of the situation.

Which also means that you are potentially, incorrigibly awful.

You can choose the wrong in spite of all the Right situations.

Both these are there.

Great situations, you can still choose the wrong things. And absolutely adverse situations, you can still make the Right choice.

Tell yourself, “Situations don’t matter, my choice does.”

Just as the ego loves to take credit, it also loves to play the victim. If something good has happened, “I did it,” if something bad happened, “It happened to me.” Good things, “I do,” bad things, “Happen to me.”

This is astounding.

Good things — “I do.” Bad things — “Happen to me.” So playing the victim is the favorite pastime of the ego.

Most of the times it has to play the victim because only bad things happen to it. Good things, the ego being what it is, will only happen once in a while. So the possibility of taking the credit arises only rarely.

Most of the times you are just left to play the blame game because bad things are happening one after the other. So you seek to put the blame on somebody.

No Sir, you know everything. It’s all within you. You very well know who lies on which side of the divide, you know that.

And if you don’t know that, it is your responsibility to know. You better know that. You better know that when you are faced with a choice, what exactly are the two choices about.

You must know.

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