There’s no bigger slavery than doing what you want to do

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJul 2, 2020

There’s no bigger slavery than doing what you want to do. There’s no bigger slavery than that, and there’s no deeper and more malicious slavery than that.

It’s not society that rules us anymore, it’s a free world and largely democratic as well. Nobody else rules us from outside at least not per force. We’re masters of our own choices. We’re ruled from the inside, we’re ruled through these desires that we call as our own. These wants, which we call as our own. I want this; I want that. And in the absence of an illuminated environment, there’s just nobody to tell us that which we think of our own desires, is totally-totally external.

That which we call as our own wants, comes really from our body, and the past and the conditioning and the influences.

It is not ours at all. But in a world that doesn’t acknowledge the subtle at all, if the slavery is to be acknowledged, then it is acknowledged only in the gross form. So if somebody has yoked you to his carriage and he’s whipping you from behind, then it’ll be called as slavery because it’s a gross event available to be seen through the senses. The whole thing is very materially evident. So it will be definitely classified as Slavery.

Somebody is pressuring you, dominating you from the outside, the whiplashes are evident on your body. So the entire thing is very bodily, very sensual, very material and people will readily say that it is an incident of slavery.

But because we live in a world that doesn’t acknowledge anything subtle, it acknowledges only the material. Therefore internal slavery is not really acknowledged.

If you’re being controlled from inside, it’s not called slavery at all. In fact, the inside is thought of as the real you whereas the inside is the farthest that you can be from yourself. When you say that there’s outside and there’s inside, the outside is outside surely, but that which you call as inside is actually more outside than outside.

But we stick to the so called inside as our own. Oh! it’s mine, it’s mine, my thoughts, my feelings, my desires, my wants. That’s what is called as the freedom to be a slave. Long back if you’d remember I had written that:

It is bad to be a slave to others and it’s far worse to be a slave to yourself.

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