Time will not save you

Acharya Prashant
2 min readApr 22, 2020

You are trapped. When you know that you are trapped, then time becomes a reminder. In that sense, time becomes a helper. When you know that you are trapped, then the more is the length of the imprisonment, the more is your desire to break out.

But when you do not know that you are trapped, in fact time becomes an enemy. Because if you say, that this is not my trap, this is my home, this is me, these are my friends, these are my thoughts. Then the more time you spend there, the more you become acclimatized, conditioned, the more you become habituated. Now time is an enemy.

Most of us have no realization that we are trapped. With the result that now time, age and experience become our enemies.

If you are fifty years old then you have become so habituated to the trap that now it is doubly, triply, difficult for the helper to convince you that something needs to change. Because you have spent time inside, you have invested your life inside the trap. Now, you won’t listen. Now, your attention would keep tethering, wavering. And if the fellow insists too much, then obviously there is the dagger. Or, the poison, or the gallows, or the cross.


Never rely upon the argument that time will heal things, that time will bring the Truth to the trapped one. Time will not bring the Truth to the trapped one, Grace may. And Grace is not dependent upon time.

You cannot say that if I spend two years, then Grace befalls. So, avoid spending, even the next minute inside the trap. The more is the time that you spend inside the walls, the more difficult it will be for you to bring down the walls.

The conventional logic that one will ultimately get fed up of slavery, does not work. Nobody ever gets fed up of slavery. In fact, the longer you remain a slave, the deeper becomes your adjustment to slavery.

Now, you are a well-adjusted and an apparently satisfied slave. So, do not think that time can help. Time will not help. Time will only thicken the walls. Time will only raise another layer of dust upon the mind. Time will make your vision, even more blurred. This is not a disease that time can heal, for this is a disease that time itself has given. Kindly do not wait for tomorrow, time will not help.

If all this gives us even the slightest indication, that we might be trapped, then do not wait. We have already waited long enough. Far longer than we should have.

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