To know the way ahead, first see where you’re standing

Acharya Prashant
2 min readMay 24, 2020

To know the way ahead, I would advise, please see where you are standing. If you could see that the house is burning, you would not ask what to do.

Please see, ‘what is happening’, what to do next is not at all an important question. ‘What to do next’ is the direct result of realizing, ‘what is’.

And when I say, ‘what is’, I do not say it in a metaphysical sense, I am talking of the current situation of your life. And when I am talking of the ‘current situation of your life’, I am not talking of your concepts of your current situation.

I am talking about your eating, your living, your breathing. How do you feel when you get up? What is the quality of the time that you spend in your office? How is it, to struggle through the traffic, every evening?

How is it to be measured in your words even in your intimate relationships? How is it, to be guarded even against your wife? How is it to, not to be able to look even your parents in the eye?

How is it to feel nothing for the birds for the animals, the neighbor? How is it to look at the sunset and feel nothing in the heart, as if the eyes have glazed?

Have you looked at the eyes of a dead man? You must. The eyes might be open, but something, just something, goes missing. How is it to look at the world with those eyes? That is what I mean when I say, please get in touch with how life is, right now?

And then you will forget all your questions about tomorrow, then you will forget all your questions about the beyond.

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Acharya Prashant