Wasting life on an unworthy person?

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJul 27, 2020

If you find that you are needlessly attracted towards an unworthy person, then it is not that so-called mean person you need to distance yourself from, rather you need to investigate what is it within you that craves for meanness.

If you say you have been in a relationship with some person for eight years, and if the person is really mean, then what were you doing with him for so long?

Only meanness gets attracted to meanness. You say you were very loyal to that person etc. What was so great about that person that you offered your loyalty to him?

As far as I understand life a little, one’s loyalty must be reserved for the highest one can come across, right? Or is one’s loyalty a cheap thing, an article on sale that you can offer it to just about any random, average, mean person?

I want to ask this question to all who either demand or profess loyalty from another person or towards another person. Those who have known life have taught as fundamental wisdom that only truth is worth being committed to.

How do you afford being committed to some person? Does that person really represent the truth to you, is he the epitome?

But with great moral righteousness, we come forward and say, look at me: since the last twenty-five years I have been unexceptionally committed and devoted and loyal to this person.

You’re bragging about your foolishness, nothing else. And don’t feel offended, please. We all need to hear this.

The one who is committed to the truth, cannot be committed to anything or anybody else and that is the only right way to live life, to be committed only to the highest.

Look at what you are committed to. Are you really committed to the highest? What is your concept of loyalty? What do you mean by loyalty?

There is the loyalty of the material kind, which is nothing but barter, trade. My employer pays me so much, so I must deliver him such and such services. Or if I have committed so much in a business agreement then I must uphold my part of the commitment. Right? This is nothing but material transaction.

And then there is inner loyalty. I understand If you are outwardly committed to somebody because that somebody is providing something material to you, that is part and parcel of the agreement. That is alright. But how do you get in a worldly commitment with somebody?

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