The one who is experiencing the problem is the problem

Acharya Prashant
3 min readJul 2, 2020

What is the problem first of all? The essential flow of the prakritik world is not a problem. When we say a problem, a problem is always for a consciousness that sees the problem, In the prakritik world there is essentially no problem. There is life, there is death but there is no real problem in the psychological sense.

Go to a jungle and you will not find any problem there, provided man is not there. If man is present, there will be problems.

Go to the depths of the Amazon untouched by man, there is no problem. Go to a river, there is no problem, go to a mountain there is no problem. Problem is when the “I” gets entangled with happenings in the prakritik world. That is when there is a lot of complications. Then we don’t let function of prakriti function as it would, we start energising some part of prakriti. In our bid to solve, we start complicating matters. And it is not something that we do consciously, we are born entangled.

When a child is born, he is already entangled with prakriti and that is the problem. Because you are born problemmed, so you have an urge to solve the problem. But because you are the part of the problem now, so your efforts to solve the problem only complicate the problem.

Therefore what is mukti or liberation? Stop identifying with the problems, stop energising the whole situation and step away from it.

See that the problem does not exist by itself, the problem exists only with reference to the consciousness that experiences the problem. The one who is experiencing the problem, is a part of the problem, in fact he is the energizer of the problem. The experiencer is not merely the experiencer, he is the energizer. Therefore he has to disassociate himself from this tangle called the problem that is liberation, disassociation, and disengagement.

Problems are not objective entities, they do not exist by themselves. In the objective world, there are no problems. A black whole eats up a star, an entire star is gone! Is there a problem to anybody? A star million times the size of earth has been gulped up by a black hole. It is such a massive catastrophe, why is not a problem? Because you are not associated with the event.

Acharya Prashant