What is success? How does one measure success?

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJun 12, 2020

You say, “If I achieve that particular target, I will call myself successful.” The target could be anything. That target depends totally on your situation and your condition.

Do we see that the very fact that the targets keep changing tells something about the nature of success? Depending on the situation, depending on the external environment, that which we take as our goal keeps changing.

We reach a new situation, there is a new definition of success, and the nature of situations is to keep changing, the nature of the stream of time is to keep flowing. So, success will never be then complete. This question would forever, perennially stand an instrument of torture in front of us: “What is success? How to achieve it?”

The only way then is to live knowing fully well that one is already successful. Yes, there are things to be done. But we do not do them in order to be successful. We do them as if we are already successful.

And these are two very different mind-sets, mind you. There is one particular mind that says that if I reach there, then I will be successful.

Pay attention to this:

There is one mind that says that I want to reach there, so that I may be successful. I am here, I want to reach somewhere else. I want to reach there, so that I may be successful. And, there is another mind that says, “I want to reach there because I am already successful.”

We do not know the second mind, we only know the first one. The second mind, though very close to us, though being our very nature, is somewhat of a stranger to us. And with the first one, we have developed a close relationship.

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