What is the value of questions in the spiritual process?

Acharya Prashant
3 min readJun 8, 2020

You question only when you do not find something fitting in your patterns, right? If everything is alright, you don’t question. You don’t question why I am able to hear what you’re saying. But if I am not able to hear what you’re saying, you would question it, is that not so?

You believe the pattern to be real and when the pattern is falsified you question it.

I believe if I throw a ball then it must reach there. And why must it reach there? Because I have always found it reaching there, whenever I have thrown it. So this is a pattern. Throw it, find it falling there. This is a pattern.

Now, if I throw a ball and the ball hangs in mid air then I’ll say, ‘What’s going on?’ Now there is a question. So we question because we believe in the pattern. Hence, questioning can come to a mind that has first known the pattern.

But this mind has known the pattern but has not seen the pattern to be false. So it starts feeling little uneasy when it finds the pattern broken. It questions.

There can be a mind lower than this — that has not even seen the pattern. This mind will not question. It is such a dumb mind. A mind that is not even conscious of the pattern will never raise any questions. And you would have met minds like those. They don’t question anything, whatever may keep happening, they don’t find any need to question it.

Then there are those who question, those who believe in the pattern.

And then there are those who say, “Aah! pattern!” it may continue or it may break, how does it matter; just as a dream may continue or break.

Continuation of a dream makes it no more real than a broken dream.

Then they just sit in silence; they too don’t question. We have all these three categories of people here also. Some are not questioning because they don’t even see what I am talking of is so disruptive. So they don’t question. “Oh, there is no need to question. It’s all okay much the same. Why should I question?” There are some who question, because they see that what I am saying is growing against the grain of what they believe. So they are questioning, they are asking repeatedly.