When does a situation become a problem?

Acharya Prashant
9 min readNov 23, 2019

“It is the incapacity to understand a challenge that brings about a problem.”

~ J. Krishnamurti

We all face problems, and whenever we face problems, to every problem, we are fond of attributing a reason. To every problem, we attribute a reason. What are the kinds of reasons, we associate normally with our problems? The other person is not understanding.

Your medical reports just came and it shows that your heart is not in good shape. Problem. Now what reason do you associate with it? I am in a horrid schedule, tied to it, and it is my schedule, that is the cause of this problem.

You are working somewhere and there the appraisal reports are not quite fine, that scares you. Problem. What reason do you attach to it? This place is not for me. I am cut out for this place. I am for some other job. And the Boss doesn’t really understand me. And the environment is not conducive to my productivity.

You are facing tensions in the family. Problem. What all reasons come up? They don’t understand me. Oh well I tried, but I can’t go overboard with trying, I have my own human limits. What else do they want me to do? I have already sacrificed enough. Doesn’t a fellow have his own individuality? Why should I conform to their patterns and expectations?

So do you see, what is happening? There is nobody who is not beset with challenges. Challenges that are called problems, by us. And there is nobody, who doesn’t claim that he has been able to diagnose his problem. We all claim to be experts who understand their problems. Very haughtily we have become self-appointed specialists and consultants.

Alright, there is this problem. But who is the one person who understands the anatomy of the problem? “I”. So, we are both, the sufferer and the doctor. Who is suffering because of the problem? “I”. And we have also appointed ourselves as the “healers” of the problem. We say, my problem, who else will heal it? I am in the best position to know it, to take care of it.

So, if there is a problem, then the real problem is, that you don’t ‘know’ the problem. Had you really known the problem, the problem would have very quickly faded away. The problem

Acharya Prashant