When self appears lacking, the world appears the master

Acharya Prashant
2 min readFeb 12, 2020

The mind that has lost connection with its centre wanders desperately. It has a deep feeling of incompleteness, inferiority. It desperately wants to fill itself up with something or the other: a relationship, a language, money, ideology, purpose, stuff.

Faith is the name of the connection with the centre. Only in faith are you connected. I am not talking of self-belief, or jingoism, or social confidence. I am talking about an individual relationship with the centre. That has gone very missing.

As a result, we feel empty, lonely and helpless within. We are not at all certain within ourselves. So, we become emulators. When self is perceived as lacking, then the world becomes your master. You want to copy your master, thinking that copying will rid you of the deep hole within.

The deep hole, the void, the sense of incompleteness, will not go away by emulating. It goes away only by having a fearless, loving relationship with yourself. It is essentially a spiritual thing.

Spirituality is not religious affiliation. It is wisdom, it is intelligence. Spirituality is about not being stupid. Only a spiritual person is fearless and feels adequate. We lack that. Hence, we are mentally diseased, and we keep copying.

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