Whenever You Are Attracted, Remember One Thing!

Acharya Prashant
2 min readSep 26, 2019

Whenever you have an attraction towards anything, please know who is really calling.

Person is not calling you, Peace is calling you.

And the person is useful only as long as he is a harbinger of peace. Otherwise, the person has no value. Person carries no intrinsic importance in himself. The importance of a person in your life is only as much as he enables you to find your Real nature; which also means there can be no other rightful intention in relationship.

Any and every relationship, if it’s a genuine relationship, it has to be a relationship that enables you to be Yourself.

Which means if there is a relationship where you have to act fake, you have to pretend, you have to wear a mask, then that relationship is not for you. Kindly get rid of it. Which also means that if there is a relationship in which the other, the friend, the partner, the lover, the associate makes you feel more like a person then that relationship is not for you, kindly drop it.

If somebody causes turbulence in your mind, excitation of any kind - pleasure is great excitation, great disturbance; if somebody becomes a source of pleasure for you or somebody uses you as a source of pleasure for himself or herself, kindly avoid. It’s titillation, it’s disturbance, it’s agitation, you are going away from the center, from Peace.

If in the company of somebody, you start feeling more like a man or a woman, more like a mother or a father, then that person is pushing you in identities, kindly avoid.

The only Real one for you is the one in whose presence you feel just light, just free, just nobody. You don’t feel a wife, you don’t feel a mother, you don’t feel a husband, a father, a friend, an uncle. Find that one out.

A person is worth being with only if you can be nothing in his company; absolutely light! Absolutely alone! Free of responsibilities and obligations, free of identities — that is the right one.

You come in contact with him and you forget all the stuff that you have been carrying. You come in contact with him and all your stories lapse for a while. You sit in front of him and time stops. You are with him and worries have ceased. You are with him and then there is no universe.

That is the right one.

Take him as the one sent by fulfilment itself.

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Acharya Prashant