Who is Asking You To Remain Dependant

Acharya Prashant
8 min readSep 25, 2019

Listener: Acharya Ji, we should have future plans also. What should set that in our minds that what we are going to be in future!

Acharya Prashant: Alright, that is a very sensible question. What’s your name?

L: Aanchal.

AP: Right. Aanchal, suppose if one day, you give one of your friends a call. And say, tell me, which road goes to Chandigarh? How do I reach Chandigarh? And you are feverishly asking her. How do I reach Chandigarh, tell me, how do I reach Chandigarh? If your friend is sensible enough, what is the question she is going to ask you?

Listeners: Where are you, now?

AP: Where are you right now? To reach anywhere, shouldn’t you firstly know where are you right now? To talk about future, shouldn’t you firstly know what the present moment is? And if the present moment is known, is Chandigarh too far away?

Before you talk of the future, shouldn’t you first understand what you are doing right now?

And right now means exactly right now! Are you aware of how your thoughts are wending? Are you aware, from where are these questions arising? Are you even aware, why there is incessant thirst for the future?

In your moments of deepest enjoyment, have you ever thought of the future?

Tell me?

Have you noticed? Have you been attentive to the fact that when is it that you really start thinking of the future?

When you are? Insecure. When you are insecure, and tense and anxious, that’s when your mind rushes to the future.

Are you attentive to this fact? Have you been attentive? It’s only out of lack of presence from the present, that a desire towards the future is born. The one who is doing right now, what he anyways wanted to do, would he have that much of time to look towards future? Because, the moment he would look towards his future, his attention will go away from the present. And the present is so beautiful that he doesn’t want to take his attention away from it.

To look towards future, one would have to take his attention away from the present, right?

L: Acharya Ji, we are told since childhood that our goals at least must be set…

Acharya Prashant