Why do Humans need Veganism?

Acharya Prashant
3 min readJun 11, 2020

If you look at the animals in the jungle, they live totally by prakriti (nature). If you look at Saints, they live totally by the Heart. In the industrialized world man lives neither as a prakritik being and nor as a being of Truth.

We live by the mind, we love by the intellect. The intellect has created all these problems that we are facing. Veganism is a response to the problems created by intellect. We don’t have to teach Veganism to animals, neither we have to teach Veganism to Saints.

Animals don’t need Veganism, Saints too don’t need Veganism. Man in this modern, post-modern world needs Veganism. The man who is a creation of his intellect needs Veganism.

If you look at man today, he is neither a creation of the jungle nor is he a creation of God. He is a creation of his own mind. If you look at him closely then you will realize that he is similar to the ones who live in the jungle, and you will have to look at a million human beings to come across a few, who will make you realize that man probably came from God.

If you look at the bulk of human beings from a distance, you will neither feel that they come from jungle, nor would you feel that they come from God. Man comes neither from jungle, nor from God.

Today’s man comes from the factory. We are products of our intellect, we are