Why do we enjoy being with ‘nature’ (Prakriti)?

Acharya Prashant
3 min readOct 7, 2019

Culture hurts. Prakriti (nature) has no culture, no civilisation.

Our culture, our civilisation hurts. The social conditioning that envelops the brain, hurts. Therefore it is a soothing experience to go to a waterfall, or to a jungle, or to hills. Or to enjoy the rains, or to look at the Sky. It just tells us that animals are better off than us.

No animal enjoys it when he somehow just strays into the city. But man really enjoys it if he gets to live in the jungle. Animals sometimes crossover into the city. Don’t they? How do they feel then? “What the hell! Send me back to where I came from.” But man spends a lot of money to somehow get a week to spend in the jungle.

What does that tell you? Our culture and civilisation have gone wrong.

We came from the jungle in the hope of doing better in our villages and cities. But our villages and cities have failed. We still find in many ways, the jungle to be better than our villages and cities. There is nobody who is not sometimes seized by a strong desire to return to the jungle.

Does that not happen?

It is because that which we call ‘our education’, ‘our society’, ‘our systems’, ‘our thought’, ‘our philosophy’, ‘our civilisation’ — all are based on very material grounds. There is no spiritual