Acharya Prashant
6 min readMar 5, 2020



Question: Can the human tendency of getting confused and making decisions be gotten rid off?

Acharya Prashant: You cannot get rid of something if you don’t know what it is? There were thousands of kinds of diseases once upon a time that are no more there. Smallpox is gone. Plague too is almost gone. How did man get rid of plague? By first knowing what plague is. You take blood samples from the person who is infected from the plague, and what do you do? You try to see what plague is? What plague really is? Right? You come to the fact of plague. And once you have known what it really is, then out of that knowing the solution emerges.

You are asking how to get rid of confusion? Do we know what is confusion? The experience of vague feeling. But do we know what is confusion, do we really know? What is confusion? Alright, we will look into it.

In the clear mind, actions directly arise out of understanding. It is a very smooth process, there is no friction here, there is no time lag here. You understand and from that understanding, the right action immediately happens. No time lag, no friction, and no thought. It is a very smooth and real-time thing. I understand, I act. That is what happens in a clear mind.

What is a clear mind? A clear mind is like a clear vessel in which nothing is stuck, nothing is deposited. Have you seen a clear vessel? Its walls are not sticking to something. Its walls are not attached to something. That’s a clear vessel.

Have you seen some of these non-stick containers that are used at homes? Have you seen a non-stick frying pan? Nothing sticks to it, that’s a clear mind. A lot of things come and go but nothing sticks to the wall of the non-stick container. That happens a lot and if something sticks a little then it can be easily washed off, cleared away. So, a clear mind is like a non-stick container. A lot of things come into it but it doesn’t get attached to anything. In such a mind we said action is smooth and real-time, instantaneous in the present. I understand and I act. I don’t have to keep thinking and thinking and deciding. I understand and from that understanding smoothly action happens. Without thought and without fear.