Why does one crave to become better?

Acharya Prashant
5 min readMar 31, 2020

There is a person who is dreaming about betterment and sitting at her place she is visualising how things would be after betterment and she says that the visualisation energizes her and fantasizing about the endpoint make her happy. This is the situation let’s go into it.

I think of betterment because I take myself as deficient.

If I don’t take myself as incomplete or deficient, I cannot think of betterment. In contentment it is absurd to think of further improvement, we are talking of the ‘I’ sense. The ‘I’ sense that takes itself lacking in something because it takes itself lacking in something so it thinks of betterment.

What we miss here often is that the thought and the thinker will always share the same quality. The action and the actor will always share the same quality. The imagination and the one imagining will always be of the same quality.

Now if I say I’m imagining precisely because I do not like the way I am. I want to change because I do not feel alright with the way I am. Then who am I in my own estimation? Somebody deficient, somebody incomplete. And if I am incomplete, then sitting where I am, what would be the quality of my action, thought and imagination? They too would be of incomplete nature.

So incompleteness is projecting more incompleteness for itself and