With superficial understanding you can answer only superficial issues

Acharya Prashant
2 min readMay 28, 2020

Beneath the misleading simplicity of the so-called daily life, lie the unsolved problems and unanswered questions.

Most people do not even face those problems because those problems lie deep down in the psyche.

On the surface are only trivial issues, and even with superficial understanding you can answer those superficial issues.

But if you really want to test yourself, then go deep into your psyche and the collective psyche of mankind, and see what real issues lie hidden there.

Face them, try answering them.

I would be glad if you can answer them, I would be equally glad if you cannot answer them.

Because if you cannot answer them, you will discover that a lot more needs to be learned.

And that would be helpful.

The genuine student looks for the tougher and the toughest questions because he wants to ensure that his understanding is complete.

If he has solved all the problems from one book, then he actively looks around for another unexplored book which has more difficult problems. And he wants to try newer kind of problems, more difficult problems.

He says, “If my understanding has any depth then I should be able to tackle any problem.” And if you want to test your understanding that is what you should do.

I am not asking you to create problems. I am asking you too unearth problems. Because burying problems, is what makes them long-lasting. So dig them out, and tackle them. That would be annoying if the problem is lying hidden and buried.

Why should one unnecessarily dig it up? As they say, “Why are you digging old graves?” It appears that one is not merely digging out problems, one feels as if one is really creating problems.

No, that is necessary.

Whatsoever lies unresolved in your life is an opportunity to grow.

Do not discard or hide it, even if it remains to your conscious view.

Actively explore it, look for it, and then wrestle with it.

Let’s see who wins. Either way, you win.

If you win, you win. Even if you lose, it’s you who wins.

So do fight that battle.

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