You are born to love

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJan 25, 2020

This organism (referring to the body), this complex exists because it is hungry for something.

It is a born lover; it exists to love. In one context I call it a lover, in another context I call it a beggar, the third context I might say it is just a delusional incompleteness. But one thing is certain that it wants something. There is a want in love, there is a want in hunger, and there is want in incompleteness.

When that which we want is close to us, near to us, it is fulfillment, it is the climax of life. It is as if life has reached its end. But time still continues, body still continues and if time is still continuing then there is change, something else happens, and this body is habituated to love one thing but attracted to the other. That something else also becomes attractive. And then the intimacy is lost, then there is separation. There is separation and then there is again craving and the cycle continues.

If one is really intense and honest in his love, one does not want or allow the proximity to be lost. So when other things become important and dominant, there is an alertness as if one is getting cautioned or warned, the danger shows up. Right now, I am close but I am being lured and tempted away.

I am elaborating to you in the language of love that which is traditionally a thing of knowledge and realisation.

This is observation in the language of love. Observation is the detection of the enemies of love, the danger has been spotted.

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Acharya Prashant