You are hurt because you have gathered so much

Acharya Prashant
3 min readJul 21, 2020

The following excerpt is from a samvaad (dialogue) session with Acharya Prashant.

Acharya Prashant (AP): Your reaction, your hurt doesn’t arise in a vacuum. You don’t suddenly get hurt. Hurt is pre-scripted.

Hurt has been building up since a while. You must watch the process of accumulation of hurt. You must watch how bit by bit you become susceptible to hurt. You must watch how layer after layer, item after item, you have kept collecting material that is prone to getting hurt.

Unless there are combustibles in your house, how would anything catch fire? Not only must you watch the moment when the fire arose, but you must also watch the entire process of accumulation of inflammatory material. We don’t watch that. We don’t find that important. We watch only that particular instance when the fire broke out, that Particular instance is spectacular, sensual. But it is just the end product. You must watch how one is brought to a point where one becomes very very susceptible to hurt.

You have collected so much that is very fragile, and you are carrying it with you now. You can be hurt. You can be hurt because there is a lot of peripheral accumulation that you are carrying. That accumulation gets hurt. Won’t you want to know what is it about you that gets hurt and from where did you gather it? You in your purity cannot be hurt. You in your absolute nakedness cannot be hurt. You without any accessories cannot be hurt. You without any attachments, any belongings cannot be hurt. You without any expectations hopes and desires cannot be hurt. Don’t you watch from where you collected these hopes and desires? Don’t you want to watch all that? Or Do you just watch that sensational moment of the break out of fire?

Yes, the mind is a sensationalist. It loves big headlines. But if you are really an explorer, a lover of truth, then you must read the fine print. You must look at the entire chain of causation.

The more you gather to protect yourself, the weaker you become. The more you become vulnerable to hurt, only that which you collect to defend yourself against hurt, gets hurt. Are you getting it? Nothing that you have is unbreakable. Time breaks everything. So, if you have anything, you will get hurt. All things get broken. All things will leave you prone to hurt. Doesn’t matter what you have. Or show me something that will remain unscathed by time.

The more you are mired in networks of identities, good and bad, this and that, me and the other, the more you will find that your day is spent counting your wounds.

And there are so many who spend their entire lives licking their wounds. You don’t want to be one of them.

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