You are not missing the secret, you are missing the obvious

Acharya Prashant
8 min readMay 18, 2020

I want to begin by talking of ‘living in facts’ versus ‘living in thoughts’.

Is not the whole system, the being, the personality, even the face very different when you are there, connected to the fact? You visit a shopping mall. Have you observed our behaviour when we are there? Have you observed the expression on the face, the whole drive, the whole energy? You want it. Now you are not looking lost, wandering, assuming.

Have you ever seen somebody maintaining a safe distance from the goods while standing in a shopping mall? You go to buy clothes. What do you do? You stand at a distance and look at them? What do you do? You go and touch them, right? You go close. You want to know what the whole thing is about. You want to know the price; you want to know the quality. Or do you stand five metres away?

And what I am talking of is a ‘fact’. And the next fact is that it is a very common fact. You are aware of it. I am talking of your own behaviour. So, you surely know this. You very well know what happens to your being and your behaviour when you are genuinely interested and not faking.

You go to watch a movie, one of these common movies that we watch. And have you seen how your eyes are glued to the screen? And how your ears hear nothing except the soundtrack, the…