You Don’t Need Too Much!

Acharya Prashant
2 min readOct 8, 2019

The question is;

Will living without ego cause one to starve?

I Invite you to find out whether you would really starve.

The world will always have enough for you to eat. You won’t starve but you may not be able to fulfill these ambitions.

The funny part is even the ambition has been given to you by outside.

So there is nothing lost if you can’t fulfill it. You don’t lose anything at all if you don’t meet your ambitions.

Remember, there will always be enough to meet your needs. And a free man will always find enough to meet his needs. Because his needs are always so small.

You don’t need too much but yes, your ambitions depend upon your subservience to the society.

Needs don’t make you a slave, ambitions make you a slave.

Is this clear? Needs don’t make you slave because your needs are not much.

Ambitions make you a slave.

Because only the society can fulfill your ambitions. Only the society can certify that now you are successful. Now, we are giving you a batch of honor. Now, we are giving you such and such awards under conditions. Now, we are saying, you know, he has the biggest bungalow and the biggest car so he is…