You like nature because it takes you closer to your centre

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJun 21, 2020

There is nothing in nature which doesn’t take you closer to your centre. This must be understood. Why is it said and heard that the Rishis would go to jungles for meditation? Why is it so that the distressed mind moves towards nature for peace?

At the center there is nothing except peace, and then there is the first layer; the layer of the physical universe. The layer of the trees, the animals, the moon, the rivers, the flesh and the blood. And then, man builds another layer over it which is the layer of abstractions, ideas, concepts, social formulations, language.

Distressed by all that, man wants to return to his center. And when you return to your center, what is it that you find?

There is a center, and there is a circle of physicality, which is not man-made. And then there is all that is man-made. From the man-made when you would go to the center, what is it that you would first encounter?

The nature, the natural layer.

When you are going to the natural layer, you are going towards the centre. Do you see this? From the external social layer, when you go to nature, you are actually not going to nature, but going closer to your centre. That is why the company of nature provides all of us with the peaceful experiences.

There is nothing special in nature; it’s just that nature is closer to that which gives peace. So you get peace by proxy. So you get peace in an indirect way.

The river reminds you of your origins; not in a conscious way, not by way of thought but in a very subliminal way. The forest, the moon. That is the reason why the moon makes all of us go crazy. We very well know that the word lunatic is related to ‘Luna,’ moon. Moon means that which will make you go crazy. It is impossible not to go crazy under the full moon.

The moon activates a memory of our source, our center, our father. It is not a conscious memory. It is not a memory of the same quality as you have a memory of your email password! It is not a memory of that kind. It is some other memory. I would rather say, it is a non memory.

When you look at the moon; you forget other things. So it is, in some sense, a loss of memory.

That is why the world calls it craziness!

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