You must worry about this one thing

Acharya Prashant
6 min readFeb 4, 2020

Usually, we love saying, “Don’t worry.” I am not saying, “Don’t worry,” I am saying, “Worry a lot, but about the right thing.”

Saying, “Don’t worry,” never helps because it is the ego’s constitution to think, to worry, to remain insecure. It must have an object to take care of. It must have something to ponder upon. Thought is going to be there. It might be subtle thought, it might be a loudly pronounced thought, but it is the constitution, the tendency of the ego to think.

Saying, “Do not worry,” is the same as telling someone to not to think. There is no thought really that is not tainted by worry. If you will go into the content of any thought, you would find that worry is present in some or the other way. You may even take the liberty of saying that — all thought is worry.

We do not call all thought as ‘worry’, we only sometimes say, “I am worrying.” At other times we say, “O, I am excited. My thoughts are about something that is pleasurable.” Some even say, “I am having happy thoughts right now.”

What they do not realise is that all thought is mired in worry.

So saying, “I am thinking,” is the same as saying, “I am worrying.” Therefore I am not telling you, “Do not worry.” As long as the ego is there, it would worry. And it is great that the ego worries because the situation of the ego is indeed such that, the ego must worry.

A non-worrying ego is very dangerous. A non-worrying ego is one that has fully adjusted to its despicable condition. It has surrendered so badly to its oppressive fate that it cannot even worry now. So worry you must.

You must worry.

Worry about the right thing.

Leave the minor issues behind you.

Go back and visualise the burning house. Is it time to take care of make-up? You are in the burning house, what are you worrying about? Your lip-gloss? Old albums?

Do worry. Do worry about escaping from that place. Do not worry about the old albums, do not worry where the eye-liner is kept. Worry about the right thing. Everything else is incidental, would happen on its own. Your efforts do not mean much there.

Acharya Prashant