You want money because you do not have Love

Acharya Prashant
3 min readJun 20, 2020

Are we really worried about basic material sustenance? If that be the case, kindly go ahead and slog. Work as hard as possible. But tell me please, honestly, “Are we worried about bread alone? Is it our basic physical wants that torment us?” No. The hunger, the thirst, are not in the stomach; they are in the mind.

If you were dealing with genuine poverty, poverty of the nature where even bread is deprived to the person, then I would say, “Fight for bread,” because if you aren’t full in the stomach, there is no way even this (the discourse) can happen.

If that were the case, that actual and absolute poverty were staring you in the face, then I would dismiss this gathering and say, “Let each of us first go, and earn our morsels.” But that is not the case.

Look around yourself. Man is not really starving, I repeat, in the stomach. Man is starving in the mind. In fact, man is the only specie that is overweight and obese, and is still thinking about food.

Are you really deprived of bread? It’s a question that you must honestly ask. You know very well that you won’t starve. It is the mind that is not coming to rest. We are psychologically at war with our neighbour.

We want money not just to consume, but to defend ourselves against the world psychologically.

The defence is not needed. You need money for mental aggrandizement. You need money to internally feel secure. You don’t need money to merely have bread; maybe five percent, ten percent of your money goes into your daily bread.

But look at the kind of sums that people accumulate. Is it just to eat and wear clothes, and have a roof over the head? No, not at all. It is to compensate for the lack of Love and God in their life.

People want money because they do not have Love. People want more and more money because they don’t have God. And that is why this search is futile.

Yes of course, every animal — the dog on the street, the fish in the water, they all look for their daily meals. Man must also do that. But we aren’t looking for our daily meals. We are looking for something else through money.

And that which we are looking for, through money, can never be obtained through