Youth is not a time to indulge

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJun 4, 2020

Youth is usually talked of in terms of a time to indulge. Indulge so that commercial products find a market. Unless the youth indulges in consumption, how will the market sell? And the youth can absorb a lot, eat a lot, travel a lot. So it’s great to trap them.

If you want to sell burgers to eighty year olds, you have a tactical problem. The buggers can’t even eat now. So if you are selling burgers, you better target twenty-five year olds. They can consume burger after burger. They have the innards.

Youth is not a period where you are to really make merry. In your youth, you are neither a kid not too grown up. Because you are not a kid, so your brain is now developed enough to analyse, criticize, think, ruminate, ponder, delve, introspect. Now all these things are possible to you. You can now gather knowledge, divide it, compare it and your body has strength. So your body is not unduly afraid about physical limitations.

At the same time you are not old. Layers and layers of sediments have not yet gathered upon you. Your habits haven’t become fossilized. You haven’t settled down into grooves and you are not burdened with social responsibilities. So youth is the most appropriate time to move speedily towards yourself.

Youth is the period when you are rushing towards a goal, a city, and the road is smooth and traffic-free and the engine is strong. So you can speed up.

You better speed up, because you know that soon you will come to congested areas. Soon your vehicle may start developing snags. Right now is just the appropriate time to hurry up. It’s an express way, good sunshine; so I can see clearly and the vehicle is fine right now. I better accelerate.

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Acharya Prashant